Aramith Super Pro Cup Value Pack Set

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Aramith Super Pro Cup Value Pack Set
Aramith top of the line Super Pro value pack ball set includes Aramith premium ball with it’s larger built in numbers, a Jim Rempe training cue ball, Aramith’s ball cleaning wax and service cloth. Balls will mark up by hitting each other as well as showing marks from the cue tip and chalk. Periodic cleaning will keep the balls clean for a lifetime of enjoyment.

For almost half a century, over 80% of all pool players around the world have chosen Belgian Aramith balls. Made from the famous Aramith phenolic  resin, the pool balls are a combination of unique craftsmanship and high-technology providing consistent superior quality making Aramith premier balls sets popular.

Perfectly round and balanced-uniform weight and balance-brilliant colors-friction resistant roll and reaction-are just a few of the key features that have earned Aramith its worldwide reputation as the premium billiard ball.

The Aramith super pro value pack balls set provides the ultimate in balance, perfect rebound, worldwide endorsement, burn spot resistance, high impact resistance, exceptional longevity, durable brightness and the sound of quality is what you can expect.

Playing pool is entertaining but improving your game by pocketing more balls is a personal goal.  The quality of your cue and balls are essential in achieving that goal.



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