Soccer Style Foosball


The Soccer Style Foosball is designed for fast gameplay and for durability. Put these into play on your foosball table, and you’ll be yelling GOAL!!! in no time.

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Soccer Style Foosball

This Soccer Style Foosball comes standard in most entry level tables. The hard plastic means the balls go travel faster than their lighter counterparts. The soccer style is great for more aggressive players because of its durability and weight.

It plays more loudly than textured foosballs, creating an exciting element for tournaments in the home or commercially. The style and color of the ball are reminiscent of foosball’s original and brings a nostalgic element to players young and old.

The soccer style is larger than other balls, measuring at 38 millimeters across. It weighs .9 ounces and is made of hard plastic. This ball style can be purchased in a 2-pack, 5-pack, and 12-pack, depending on your gameplay needs.

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